"Tech and Innovation in Government" is a Harvard Kennedy School field course where students conduct original user research to solve real problems in government.


Here are the challenges we've tackled so far.


Census data for journalists

What are the needs of private citizens like journalists and community organizers, and how can the Census Bureau make its data more accessible to them?

Veteran Transition 2.png


How can the Department of Veteran Affairs provide the right services and products to assist Veterans with this significant life change?



How can the City of Boston improve the experience for records requesters and custodians while complying with applicable laws and regulations?

Caregivers 2.png


How can the Department of Veteran Affairs better support Veteran caregivers, including through digital tools and services?



How can Boston Public Schools improve its customer service experience for parents and families?



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finding Veteran cemeteries

How can the Department of Veteran Affairs make visitors' experiences to burial sites more intuitive while conveying the decorum fundamental to the cemetery experience?


boston police information

How can the City of Boston help its police easily access the most recent data about police incidents before they respond to a specific incident location?

massachusetts small businesses

How can the Commonwealth of Massachusetts help potential small business owners easily navigate the thicket of licensing and permitting requirements for new companies?

Boston homes

How can the City of Boston improve users' experience on its Assessing Online tool to make it easier to search for data, file for exemptions, and submit abatement requests?


U.s. Treasury data

How can the U.S. Department of Treasury make sure that USASpending.gov is accessible to various users, including the private sector, to make informed business decisions and find new market opportunities?



New york city buildings

How can NYC's Department of Buildings develop an actionable, predictive tool that can be applied to avoid future accidents?

veteran disabiltiy benefits

How can the Department of Veterans Affairs modernize its process for increasing Veterans' disability benefits, a process that currently takes multiple years and does not keep Veterans updated?

Census data presentation

How can the U.S. Census Bureau better represent its data on income inequality to tell stories and help novice users find the exact information they need?

Boston firefighter safety

How can the City of Boston reduce carcinogenic exposure for firefighters, who are diagnosed with cancer at greater rates than the general population?